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NriInvestindia.com is a one stop shop for all NRI investments need in India. We promise to deliver value addition to NRI stocks investment options, that would make NRI Investing in India easy and simple. We act as your financial adviser in India by offering complete wealth management and other advisory services. If you intend to contact our investment advisor or investment consultant then please feel free to use the form given on the right.

All in all we try to offer good online NRI investment options to Indians living abroad, that are easy to invest in online in India. You can contact us and know more about investment opportunities present in India for NRIs, PIOs and OCIs.

We are an advisory & financial broker guiding Indians living abroad to invest in Indian financial markets.
We have Complete Investing Solutions for:
  NRIs - Non Resident Indians.
  PIOs  - Person of India Origin.
  OCIs - Overseas Citizen of India.

Are you an NRI who wants to know how to do Investment in India? email using this form on right

  More About us:


Nriinvestindia.com is the parent site and a proud brand of �Ni2 Financial Consultancy Pvt Ltd � an Indian firm that helps non-residents invest in the Indian Share Market. A group of financial experts, we, at nriinvestindia, help our clients invest in Mutual Funds and Share Market in India. In doing so we offer an enormous variety of services to our clients such as Online Stock Trading Account, Demat Account, Derivative Trading, Commodities Platform and PAN Card Assistance, NRI Taxation services.

Nriinvestindia is a one-stop shop for all non-residents interested in investing in India. We deliver value addition to NRI stock investment options making NRI investment in India easy and simple. We try to offer good online investment options to non-residents wanting to invest in the Indian Share Market. We hope to make nriinvestindia a full service brokerage house in the coming few years giving impeccable services to non-residents living around the world.
If you are really interested in making online investments, please fill out the form provided to get in touch with our investment advisor and know more about the various investment options available.



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