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Scenario of banking in India

Globalization the world over has impacted banking in India and the sector has gained great importance in recent years with several famous names worldwide setting up shops in India. With growing complexities and concerns in banking transactions, there are high risks nowadays. But the WTO or the World trade Organization wants India to step up its systems to the standards followed worldwide regarding transparency using the Basel II norms by 2009. In the last decade many international banking names have set up office in India as the economy has gradually moved from sort of a manufacturing one to more service related industries. There are more customers than ever and demand for financial services is at an all time high. According to Indian banking industry estimates, retail banking alone is expected to grow 30% as more and more banks are concentrating in this area.

How Basel II norms would help

Primarily, the Basel Committee supervises and cooperates regularly on banking operations and there is immense benefit if the Indian banking industry can implement their norms. Not only the quality of banking would improve, but also supervision would be more up and running. It is based on a common understanding of banking among the member nations. It has become vital for banking in India to take the next step forward as business gets increasingly tailored to global requirements. Risks normally faced by bankers worldwide usually come from the market, credit and are operational in nature. Basel II primarily ensures that banks do not lack capital resources to weather the storms that are faced by them from the somersaults in the financial sector and turnarounds in the economy. By implementing Basel II, banks are expected to weather risks better and manage their operations well. It is meant to make the banks analyze and assess if their capital is adequate compared to the risks they face and have a strategy in place for capital level monitoring. Supervisors would be reviewing if there is enough capital and whether the banks are complying with the ratios of capital regulation. It is all round monitoring that would help the banking industry in India as the global economy is facing newer challenges by the day. While supervisors would ensure that the banks stick to the predetermined norms and operate above the capital ratios as well as keep their capital above the minimum level required. By implementing Basel II, Indian banking would benefit as supervision will let them know the exact time for taking rearguard action. They would prevent the slipping of capital below the regulated level and would take all steps to restore it as soon as it does. It would also help in imposing a market disciple that would be ideal for a good, function able and healthy banking climate.

Indian banking ready to meet challenges

Usually, by implementing the norms, banking in India is sure to gain a lot as it would take care to keep the position healthy in their own interest. There is more growth ahead in the banking sector in India as the entire industry continues to be bullish. There is a distinct change in the Indian consumer and he or she has become more demanding to get the best of services. Urban income in average households along with consumption patterns is making Indian banking to be more on its toes. Earlier, very few Indians owned cars, but nowadays, the number, the models and the modes of financing are growing by the day. There is an ever increasing need for higher and more efficient banking standards. If one takes the international banking standards for measuring, India still stands nowhere while her financial market is highly leveraged. But, to meet the growing challenges, the Indian banking industry is headed in the right direction.

We at first provide you with a list where you can chose the best India bank account with the lowest minimum balance or No/Zero account opening fees & later help you in opening an internet bank account or an India account. If you are interested to open an account in India then use the form on the top right corner to contact us or you may directly email us at:

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We can help you open an account in any of these banks:
  # HSBC Internet Banking
# State Bank of India
# Canara Bank
# Indian Overseas Bank
# Punjab National Bank
# ICICI Bank
# Bank of Baroda
# The Catholic Syrian Bank
# Federal Bank Limited
# HDFC Bank
# Citi Bank
# Mandvi Cooperative Bank Ltd
# Ottapalam Cooperative Urban Bank
# Corporation Bank
# Indian Bank
# Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
# UCO Bank
# Reserve Bank Of India
# Allahabad Bank
# Andhra Bank
# Bank Of Punjab
# Centurion Bank
# Development Credit Bank
# Export Import Bank Of India
# Global Trust Bank
# IndusInd Bank Ltd.
# Deutsche Bank
# Standard Chartered bank
# Oriental Bank Of Commerce
# The South Indian Bank
# State Bank of Travancore
# Nedungadi Bank
# P & M Co-Operative Bank Ltd
# State Bank of Hyderabad
# State Bank Of Travancore
# Syndicate Bank
# Thane Janata Sahakari Bank
# Guardian Sahakara Bank
# Vijaya Bank
# Dena Bank
# IDBI Bank
# Union Bank Of India
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