How to apply for a duplicate or lost PAN card in India online?

To an NRI, loaded with memories of a bygone India, getting a duplicate pan card may seem futile and extremely difficult. In reality, the situation is just the opposite. All you have to do is to get a correction form downloaded from the website You can get information about your nearest center form by just going over to the site. NRI’s can get worried if they lose their pan card or forget the 11 digit alphanumerical number they were allotted.

Fill out a simple form after downloading from website

As an NRI, you must have left India for a job abroad and harbor memories of how slow things move in India. But with the advent of the cyber age and the leaps and bounds with which India is growing, getting many critical things done from the comfort of your home at the click of a mouse is very easy. There is a form that you can fill out to get your duplicate pan card quickly. There is lost pan card information in the form that you will have to fill out.

On the nearest center form, you will have to fill out your name, date of birth, address and the name of your father. It is no problem if you lose your card as these are information and details that are embedded in your mind. The primary reason why NRI’s are worried is that they think they have to quote the number that was allotted to them. Once you provide the information, it is easy to start the process of getting a duplicate pan card.

For all NRI’s, the process have been made simple. You will have to provide two stamp sized photographs of yours and Rs 717 in cash or check. With all the information in proper order, you can submit your form to the nearest office. You can send according to the addresses provided for your area at the website. You can also email to the contact addresses given out there or call up the numbers printed there for a chat with the staff. The process has been eased and NRI’s do not need to worry about getting a duplicate PAN card.

Get duplicate card couriered abroad

The staff at will help you out with any issues that you may have. They are friendly and it would be just 10 to 15 days before you get your card delivered to your foreign address. To provide better service, they charge Rs 717 only from NRI’s. The money is charged to pay for courier services as the duplicate pan card will have to be sent to your foreign address.

It is vital that you get your duplicate pan card at the earliest as it is the best possible identification that an India citizen can brandish in times of distress. The pan card comes in handy at all places. You might need an urgent railway ticket, for insurance or for opening new bank accounts. The pan card has also become an excellent identification for your age.

In case of showing your age proof, the pan card is the final identification that is accepted in every possible government or private body. It is best to get a colored Xeroxed copy of a pan card done once you receive the duplicate. The wisest step would be to keep the original pan card at home once you get the duplicate couriered to you. You can always use the copy after laminating it and prevent any future loss or theft of the original pan card.

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