How to Invest in Indian Real Estate or Property Market?

Are you a NRI looking forward to a great investment in Indian properties? There are lots of opportunities waiting for you these days. But you need to make sure that you invest in the right place and at the right time. Have you ever thought about the Indian real estate investment? This is one of the most lucrative offers available these days.

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India is one of the destinations which are turning out to be one of the most popular choices for different kinds of businesses. Different kinds of businesses like information technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, automobile and much more have come to the market and they are getting more popular with new strategies.

NRI Real estate business is also on the rise in India. This industry was almost untouched by recession and this is the reason why it is opening up more opportunities and hence more investments are flooding into the market.

The real estate market is allowed to have 100 percent FDI and this is the reason why more foreign investors are entering into the market. You will be happy to learn that India holds the 9th position in the world among all the retail markets. It has a constant growth of almost 30 percent every year.

Other than this, this industry is also popular for providing the second largest employment just after agriculture. One of the major reasons for this development is the policies taken by the government of India. Lots of new projects are developing in the metro cities as well as other cities. These days NRIs – non resident Indians, PIOs and OCIs can also buy homes in India without any issues and inherit ancestral property in India as a gift.

At this point you might ask why you should invest in the Indian market. First of all you must think about investment in this market because of the boom in this economy. In the previous financial year the economy of India witnessed at least 8.1 percent increase.

If this is not the sole reason then you can also look forward to other major benefits. Property investments usually provide a large amount of dividend in India and this is the reason why almost 70 percent of investors are incurring profit from this.

There are various banking institutions in India who are launching certain funds which can be invested in the real estate. These funds are meeting the banks, investment bankers as well as the housing finance companies so that they can get the actual feel of the market.

You will find a large number of residential townships, commercial complexes, shopping centers as well as industrial are being built in almost all the cities, big or small. There is a huge demand of these projects in all the cities. Each and every person dreams to have his own house and they also dream of owing a good property.

This is the reason why the market is moving up and hence it is becoming one of the most attractive opportunities for the investors. There are certain FDI groups which have been successful in making a mark in the India real estate industry.

Some of the popular FDI groups present are Keppel land, Emaar MGF and DSP Merrill Lynch and many more. There are lists of foreign investors who have not only shown interest in this market but have also invested in the Indian market.

Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad are some of the popular cities where the real estate industry is booming. If you are interested in investment then you must always make sure that have a good knowledge about this industry.

You also need to remember that none of the investments are without risk. But the more risk you take the more you gain. Now you know why you should invest in India.

Please contact us if you wish to buy a house in India, either commercial or residential property, also if you want to know what are the tax implications if you buy a property in India?

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