How to verify your PAN card number details online?

Verification or knowing the details of your already allotted PAN number can be difficult task. A lot of companies and individuals especially NRIs who moved out from India look to find information about their existing PAN no’s because they wish to file taxes in India and want to make sure that they have the right number issued to their name.

A PAN number is something that we all need. In order to carry out any form of cash transactions – of the magnitude of over fifty thousand rupees – we need to use this number as it has been made mandatory by the authorities. NRIs might think that they are the exception to the rule, but they are not. PAN numbers are a necessity for them as well.

So what really is a PAN number? A Pan number is a permanent account Number which is issued to every Indian by the Government of India, or rather, the Income Tax Department of India. NRIs can understand this by drawing a parallel with the Social Security Number which is issued to American citizens by the IRS.

The Pan number is similar to the SSN. It is a 10 digit number and it consists of numbers as well as alphabets. This number is embossed on the PAN card. The Pan card issued to citizens of India is quite similar to their driving license. The size is the same and the details included in the Pan card include the name of the bearer, father’s name, photograph, signature as well as date. In addition to this of course, is present the unique Pan number as well as the government hologram.

Looking It Up Online

A PAN card is extremely precious since it is such an important document and it is used as identification proof in many cases. Thus, people don’t always carry around their Pan cards, but instead keep it within the safety of their homes. However, if, by any chance you need your Pan number but don’t have your Pan card with you, you’re in a spot of trouble, aren’t you?

Well, my friend, if you know how to get out of sticky situations, then this should not be a problem for you. Where there is a will, there is a way! One can easily get the details of their PAN card number online. You simply need to furnish some details and your Pan card number will be provided. These details need to be provided to verify your identity and these details are basically asked for security reasons.

So what are these details that you need to provide while looking for your Pan number online? These details are quite simple and ones which you are likely to remember. You have to enter your date of birth – the same detail that you entered while applying for the card, as well as your full name. And voila! Your Pan Card number will be given to you. After you obtain your Pan Card number, quickly take it down somewhere – preferably your cell phone and then close the browser. This is to ensure maximum security.

Tax issues

Now a lot of people are misguided into thinking that having a Pan card automatically means you have to pay taxes. Most foreign countries where NRIs reside have what is known as a double tax treaty with the Government of India. This means that if you are earning abroad then you need only pay the taxes to the country of your residence and not the Indian Government.

The only time you need to pay taxes in India, is when you make money in India. Suppose you choose to invest in mutual funds and that investment has paid off then you have to pay a tax on that. But even if you don’t make any money in India, do ensure to “file taxes” – you always have the option of filing Zero returns. What’s the harm in being on the safe side?

By Karey Girish

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