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Want to Start a Business in India

We can assist you.. 


We assist clients from all over the world to Register & Setup business in India & also provide Business ideas/opportunities available in India.!!

If you are interested to start a business in India, then please feel contact us:



Setting up business in India
If you are toying with the idea of setup business in India, you should go ahead straight away. Many business owners harbor age old reservations when dealing with India. To their amazement, they find that their doubts and fears are mostly unfounded. Ever since India opened up her economy and walked the path of liberalization with reforms, there has been a change in perception. The reality on the ground is that, it is the best place to do business in South Asia. If you are questioning your self about how can I start a business in India, then you have come to the right place.

Stable democracy and English language helps
Why would you set up a business in India in the first place? The country is home to a large population and the real purchasing power, the middle class, is large enough to outnumber the total populations of many western nations. You have a captive and ready market for your products or services as the middle class has been the real instrument of growth in the last two decades. India is stable and one of the largest democracies in the world while English is a major language. It has systems in place that are more tuned toward western businesses as India was under British rule for more than two and a half centuries.

According to a World Bank report 2008, it takes just 33 days to set up a business in India while closing takes 10 days. You would require to go through 12 steps to start a business in India and with single window clearances in place, you can easily get it done fast. The situation is more flexible and investor friendly than ever before. Nowadays, it is easier for non resident Indians, foreigners and a foreign company to set up a new business in India.

Major checklists for starting up

Among the major checklists for setting up a business in India are getting a PAN card that can be obtained from:
PanCardNri.com or the Income Tax department of India. It is a sort of a social security number that helps the government track all financial transactions. Before setting up, you can contact us and we can provide you with the legal services of a good lawyer and accountant for getting the contracts done if you are looking for a business partner. There are some restrictions for non resident Indians and they cannot invest in agriculture, real estate and the print media sectors, whereas there are other legalities involved for foreign entities who wish to form a foreign subsidiary based in India or want to start a fresh company here.

Over the years, FDI or foreign direct investment has been liberalized to make the business atmosphere more investor friendly. Guidelines are more streamlined to help the investor set up businesses faster. You could invest as a foreign investor in a joint venture company in India, set up a holding company that could deal with investments or set up a subsidiary with nearly 100% foreign shareholding.

With procedures being more transparent than ever and guidelines more simple and easy to follow, the FIPB or the Foreign Investment Promotion Board provides hands-on help in speeding up your proposals. They function under the Ministry of Finance, India and you could visit the website of the FIPB.

As a foreign direct investor (FDI), you cannot make investments in betting or gambling, lotteries, agriculture, print media, postal services and broadcasting. You can avail of the automatic route toward 100% investment in most sectors except where you might require approval of the FIPB for acquiring industrial licenses. There are some industries reserved for the public and small scale sector while others require approval from the Indian government like civil aviation, telecom services, defense and petroleum for automatic 100% investment. 

Quick transaction facilities for setting up a business in India can be availed from FIIA or the Foreign Investment Implementation Authority, functioning under the Commerce Ministry.  An Indian research shows that the future India business prospects looks very promising and raising business finance, loans and debt equity would become more and more easy with time. On the same lines India is considered as an emerging business market and business development in such a global India is lucrative. There are various business opportunities available in the sectors like: business industry, retail, manufacturing, export and import and marketing. The India growth story is hitting highs with every day passing and its now obvious to many foreign investors that the business scenario in India has changed providing various tax advantages.


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