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Opening Dmat Account in India has been made available to NRIs living around the world. Non Resident Indians can now open a Online Dmat Account in India, and through this account they can purchase shares & stocks in the Indian stock markets like: BSE - Bombay Stock Exchange & NSE - National Stock Exchange. Our Demat services for NRIs are best and we promise that this Online Dmat would also allow an NRI to do investment in India's shares, and buying and selling of stocks through this NRI Demat account will change the face of Trading for a Non Resident Indians abroad.


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 Need a
NRI Dmat Account?

we provide Dmat Account for NRI..!!

What is a DMAT account? Dmat Account stands for a dematerialized account. The way one has to open a bank account if you want to park or save money; the very same way you need to open a Dmat Account if you want to buy or sell stocks, and later save your stocks there in the Dmat Account. This Dmat happens to be maintained with a depository and is opened through a DP - Depositary Participant. At NriInvestIndia.com we specifically help NRIs, PIOs & OCIs to open a Online Dmat account in India.

Getting a DMAT Account in India is Easy..!!

   Opening Dmat Account Online in India was never this Simple..!

Besides providing Dmat Account for NRI, we also help OCI - Overseas citizen of India & PIO - Person of India origin to get a Dmat account Online in India. Markets look great, so look no further & delay, open your NRI Dmat today and start trading Indian shares.


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a DMAT Account?
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