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Invest in gold
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Gold IRA







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Apart from being treated as a safe bet, hedge against inflation and dollar, in the last few years it has been treated as the best investment option by central banks, billionaires, investors, portfolio managers and even by speculators.


 You cannot rely on a job

  You cannot rely on a 401k

  You cannot rely on your government

  You cannot rely on social security

  You cannot rely on a savings account

  You cannot rely on the stock market

  You cannot rely on the real estate market



A lot of investors now prefer to purchase gold bars and bullions in the form of an ETF, mutual fund, bullions, coins and many a times add gold in their IRA (individual retirement account) using the gold IRA rollover strategy.

Billionaires Stock Traders China and India


Multinational Banks

Investment Gurus

Central banks

Real Estate Brokers

Financial Institutions




One has many options to make investments in gold. You may simply buy physical gold in the form of coins, bullion or jewellery or you may invest in it electronically. Some of such ways can be investments through ETFs, mutual funds and IRA rollover. However the best route is to buy gold and add it into your 401k OR IRA (retirement account), in an electronic form.


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Disclosure: If you are on this website you have been sent or referred here by an affiliate, agent or partner who is promoting Regal Assets. All affiliates, agents and partners are compensated for referrals.


How can I trade gold online?

Gold ETFs (exchange traded funds) & futures is traded on the exchanges such as CME, NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX online, pretty much as shares of lets say a Morgan Stanley, Reliance or HDFC bank is traded.  As you would buy a share of HDFC bank and the share is transferred to the investors Dmat account; similarly when you purchase a share of the gold ETF that goes into your demat account. The gold ETF more or less track the price of current gold rate in the market and fluctuates similarly.

Is trading/investing gold online legal, safe and secure?

Opening a gold trading/investing account is as simple as opening any account. All you need to do is to register for opening the account. Fill an online form, send few documents, fund the account and you are ready to make the investment in Gold. All investors may it be a NRI, or a PIO, or an OCI or for that matter even a foreign national are eligible to open a gold trading/investing account in India to buy sell online and see current live rates and prices and act accordingly.

Why India is buying so much gold?

India is one traditional and culture influenced country. In every well to do households it is easy to find ancient looking carved boxes where old and yet beautiful gold jewelries are kept with good care. So if you are one of them then, no worries, even you can think of gold trading/investing online. It would be quite a good option and an intelligent thing for investing in gold. So you can now get into this easily, but before you make any serious commitment you must ensure that you know certain basic rules guiding the trading/investing of gold in India.

Firstly try to find out that for how long the Indian gold broker has been actively involved in this online investment in gold. A period of five years can be a very reliable period for you to actually consider this gold broker. This is a good time to consider them efficient and trustworthy. They should also be recognized by some gold regulating government body. Make sure that this broker offer you the ability to trade gold in India online, this way you can not only buy and sell gold online, but you can keep track of what the price of gold is today. Basically knowing what the gold rate is today can help you trade gold in a good way. Please be aware that you do your homework before you start investments in gold as the gold spot and futures market are very volatile you should know how to trade gold very well.

trading/investing in gold has never been so easy in India before this. The methods and procedures have really grown very user friendly and they are quite safe these days, however you still should take professional advise if you wish to invest in gold.

Besides this you can also sell your gold to a physical buyer, instead of selling it online through the gold trading/investing software for free. If you land up getting a real qualified buyer then you will be in a position to make quick money very easily. It would really not be an issue for you. And when you are trading/investing in this way you should remember that you are in a position to benefit far more than in a situation where you are doing transactions with jewelry shop or pawn shop as such. Now you need to purchase a reinforced secure mailer when you visit the office supply store to ensure that you are sending the gold items to the buyer. This mailing envelope acts like a shield; it would make sure that the seal cannot be opened by any one and everyone. So if you have the option then I feel this is quite a right time to do it. You can readily turn your gold into hard money without any trouble.

Earlier it was not so much possible for retail investors to trade on commodities like gold derivative and silver. There was basically no retail avenue to do so and hence the problem rose. Now three multi commodity exchanges have been established in the country and this has really made things far simpler than what it used to be earlier. Now it is possible to trade without even having physical stocks. A separate asset class is provided by commodity for the investors who are tremendously market savvy. Even those who claim that they really understand the equity market well they too find this business a little unfathomable. But if supplies are concerned commodities like gold are best understood and can be handled well.


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