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  Are you a Beginner who wants to Learn Trading/Investing.?
  Take 1-on-1 Online Class from our EXPERT
as per your Comfort and Schedule!

After taking this personalized class from our expert you would be able to understand what stock markets are, how they function, how to read market data and charts, identify good trades, excel your trading & investment skills, plus much more.


    3 Hour (1-on-1 online class):  
Market Basics: Learn what is a stock market, how stocks & forex trade & how the market functions.

Insight on Quotes: Understand how to read & interpret complex trading data and tables.

Power of Shorting: Learn how to Make money even in a falling bearish market.

Basics of Charting: Learn how to Easily Read charts and act accordingly to maximize profits.

Buy & Sell (trading strategy): Learn when to buy/sell & Quickly identify great trades.

A Trader's mind set: Get a close look on the Qualities needed to be a Good Trader/Investor.


"Online Class" is held as per your choice of time.

* Once enrolled, you will receive instructions on entering the online class room at the agreed
date and time for live interaction with our Trainer.

** Requirements: Good internet connection
and ability to understand English or Hindi.

*** Duration: 3 Hours online.

USD$149.99 (or Rs. 7999)

Got questions? email:

  See What

Our Clients

Are Saying!
  Thanks to your mentor for giving me personal time of 3 good hours. The course was very simple to understand. I will definitely recommend to to my friends.  

Akshay Chopra - U.S.A

  I wanted to study share market easily. Then I found this online trading education for beginners. Thanks for teaching me how to trade.  

Kennith Benjamin - U.K

  Stock market education was hard to find, but then I found your affordable and cheap trading training.  

Naeem Ahmed - Dubai


Trading, investing or even intra day trading can be extremely risky in forex or any other financial product or instrument and such a type of trading can possibly deliver substantial financial or capital losses in a very short period of time. Taking our trading course, beginner traders can learn how to make strategies to keep their losses small and trade like professional to maximize their profits on various trades. We help traders to find the best strategy that suits their trading styles while trading stocks/equities, options, futures, bonds, Forex, eminis, indexes, etc. After taking this beginner course you would not only learn how to trade from the very start but you would also be able to define a trading strategy that would suit your style & psychology. After taking this beginner's course on Day trading you would have proper education on the basics of trading and analysis of the market would become easy for you. However one needs to realize that day trading is very difficult to learn and there is no defined way to make money in the markets, but one should take a disciplined approach & keep their losses small & ride the winners to become a successful trader.

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