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Disclaimer: Ours is an advisory role. The final decision & consequences based on our information is solely yours. Moreover, in keeping with regulatory guidelines, we do not guarantee any returns  on investments. Prospective investors and others are cautioned that any forward-looking statements are not predictions and may be subject to change without notice. We also do not guarantee the correctness of any information given on any of the web pages of this website. The final decision to act on this information is totally yours and we are not liable for any of the consequences what so ever.


Is an investment brokers for NRIs that offers complete NRI services to NRIs, PIOs, OCIS. When an NRI wants to invest in indian IPOs of stocks and shares NRI . NRI INVEST INDIA is the name to trust. NriInvestIndia.com is a financial company that allows NRIs, PIO - People / Person of Indian Origin and OCIs - Overseas Citizens on India to invest into indian stock markets online.

We help NRIs to do online day trading in indian shares through india's stock exchanges like NSE - national stock exchange & BSE - Bombay stock exchange. With us NRI can day trade or do trading online through real time software, through which they can do buying and selling of indian shares & stocks. NriInvestIndia.com is a one stop shop for all your investment needs in India.



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| NRI Investment Faqs |

 Who is NRI?

A Non-Resident Indian is a citizen of India (holding a valid passport of  Govt. of India) temporarily residing in the country of his/her present residence.  He/she should not have applied or planning to apply in the near future for acquiring citizenship of his/her present country of residence or any other country.

  Can NRIs invest in Mutual Funds in India?

Investments by NRIs in Mutual Funds can be made on a repatriable or on a non-repatriable basis, as preferred by the investor.

Repatriable Basis
To invest on a repatriable basis, you must have an NRE or FCNR Bank Account in India. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has granted a general permission to Mutual Funds to offer mutual fund schemes on repatriation basis, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The mutual fund should comply with the terms and conditions stipulated by SEBI.

  2. The amount representing investment should be received by inward remittance through normal banking channels, or by debit to an NRE/FCNR 
    account of the non-resident investor.

  3. The net amount representing the dividend / interest and maturity proceeds of units may be remitted through normal banking channels or credited to NRE / FCNR account of the investor, as desired by him subject to payment of applicable tax.

Non-Repatriable Basis
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has granted a general permission to Mutual Funds to offer mutual fund schemes on non-repatriation basis, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Funds for investment should be provided by debit to NRO account of the NRI investor. Alternatively, funds may be invested by inward remittance or by debit to NRE / FCNR Account.

  2. The current income in the form of dividends is allowed to be repatriated.

No permission of Reserve Bank either by the Mutual Fund or the NRI investor is necessary.

  Does an NRI need any approvals from the Reserve Bank of India to invest in mutual fund schemes?
No. As an NRI one does not need any specific approval from the RBI for investing or redeeming from Mutual Funds. Only OCBs and FIIs require prior approvals before investing in Mutual Funds.
  What are the investment restrictions on NRIs for investments in Mutual funds?
There are no investment restrictions on NRIs for investing in mutual funds. RBI does not restrict investment in mutual funds either on repatriable or 
non-repatriable basis.
Do Mutual Funds assure returns ?
Although SEBI regulations allow Mutual Funds to offer guaranteed returns subject to the Fund meeting certain conditions, most Mutual Funds in India do no provide a guaranteed return on their schemes. In such cases, the sponsor, the AMC, or any other person, guarantees a minimum level of return and makes good the difference if the actual returns are less than the guaranteed minimum. The name of the guarantor and the manner in which the guarantee shall be met must be disclosed in the offer document by the Mutual Fund. Investment in mutual funds is not guaranteed by the Government of India, the Reserve Bank of India or any other government body.
Can I gift Mutual Fund units to my relatives in India?
Yes. Certain funds do permit gifting of units. One should refer to the offer document of the specific fund to know the details.
Can I repatriate my earnings on redemption?
If the investment is made on a repatriation basis, the net income or capital gains (after tax) arising out of investment are eligible for repatriation subject to regulatory guidelines in force at the time of repatriation. If the investment is made on a non-repatriation basis, only the net income, that is, dividend, arising out of investment is eligible for repatriation.
Can I repatriate my initial investment, earnings (capital gains) from redemption and any dividend arising from it?
 If the investment is made on a repatriation basis, the net income or capital gains (after tax) arising out of investment is eligible for repatriation subject to regulatory guidelines in force at the time of the repatriation. If the investment is made on a non-repatriation basis, only the net income, that is, dividend, arising out of investment is eligible for repatriation.
What is the procedure for redeeming mutual fund units?

NRIs can redeem their units by signing on the tear-off portion of the account statement & sending it to any of the AMC or your personal MF investment advisor through post or by sending a letter requesting 
redemption with the signatures and the amount to be redeemed. The redemption request would be processed at the applicable NAV based price. The redemption proceeds will be sent directly to the bank branch where NRE/NRO account depending upon whether repatriable or non-repatriable account within three business days. The redemption proceeds will be net of tax deduction at source on the profits.


What is the tax liability on Redemptions? What is the rate of Tax Deduction at Source for NRIs / PIOs? What is the tax - rate on capital gains for NRIs / PIOs?

Under Section 2(42A) of the Income Tax Act, units of the Scheme held as a capital asset, for a period of More than twelve months immediately preceding the date of transfer, will be treated as a long term capital asset for the computation of capital gains – thus attracting long term capital gains tax rate.

In all other cases it would be treated as a short-term capital asset and would attract short-term capital gains tax rate. Hence depending on the period of investments, long term or short capital gains and tax thereon is applicable on redemption’s. Though there is currently no long-term capital gain tax liability for redemptions from equity schemes, there is a liability at the time of redeeming from the debt schemes.


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