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NriInvestIndia Team: our online source as to how to invest in India online. We enable NRIs - PIOs - OCIs to invest in India online easily and efficiently. If you want to know how to invest in Indian then please email us, and we will explain you step by step process about how to invest in India. Through us you can Invest in India's stock markets, mutual funds of India, etc. A complete online source for Non-Resident Indian living abroad to know how to invest in India and other related investing options in India.

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  Fund Analysis
3 Yr
UTI Infrastructure Equity: Diversified 66.55  
Magnum Contra Equity: Diversified 64.77  
DSPML T.I.G.E.R. Reg Equity: Diversified 64.49  
Magnum Global Equity: Diversified 63.08  
Reliance Growth Equity: Diversified 61.10  
Sundaram BNP Paribas Select Midcap Equity: Diversified 59.86  
Kotak Opportunities Equity: Diversified 59.69  
HDFC Equity Equity: Diversified 52.15  
HDFC Top 200 Equity: Diversified 51.70  
Magnum Balanced Hybrid: Equity-oriented 46.02  
Canara Robeco Balance II Hybrid: Equity-oriented 42.19  
HDFC Prudence Hybrid: Equity-oriented 42.04  
ICICI Prudential Long-... Debt: Medium-term 8.85  
Birla Sun Life Income Debt: Medium-term 7.80  
Canara Robeco Income Debt: Medium-term 6.71  
ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Debt: Medium-term 6.50  
ICICI Prudential Advis... Debt: Medium-term 6.37  
Magnum Multiplier Plus Equity: Diversified 68.14  

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